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Events Case study - BayDreams 2021
Provide worked with the festival to set up jobs on our platform and created shifts looking for staff to manage a bar in the Secret Garden stage. The platform oversaw the worker hiring and all aspects of the worker management before,during and after the shift.
• Job Creation on Web
• Worker profile creation
• Job Invite/offer on Web
• Job acceptance on Device
• Emails triggered for invites
• Job checkin via QR on site on Device

• Job Start
• Geofence set on Web
• Geofence parameters tested
• Users jobs ended
• Summaries  on Web dashboard
• Summary of job on Devices
• Report created as XLS

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Our web based app and worker phone apps work seamlessly together in realtime

Provide brings your team together and gives businesses awesome tools that simplify HR, timesheets, checkin/checkouts and more:

Provide WRM™ is built to be accessed by all management with role permissions and to seamlessly work with all aspects of the job.

We aim to work with your managers and enable them to maximise their time, get better information and do what we think is important - create an amazing place to work!

We have tools that Recruit, Manage and Nurture staff.

Recruit your team
We start at the beginning - with you and your HR team, looking at your requirements of your business for staffing.
Manage hiring and placement
Provide WRM™ creates a unique scoring system that creates prequalified leads and builds worker pools and HR dashboards
Automate work + nurture staff
Use Provide WRM™ to automate work with our apps and establish the best way to create growth and build a culture of success.

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