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Built on Kaitiakitanga - we want to inspire and nurture relationships for all workplaces and workers everywhere.

About us

We are a team of individuals passionate about creating equitable outcomes for workers and employers. We have worked in the gig economy for many years and understand the needs in the current economy.

We see so much potential with technology to change the working lives of everyday New Zealanders. We are committed to developing the next generation of technology to enable a better working life.

Trust is hard-won, and easily lost. At Provide we believe that trust is the most important element of any relationship.
We build transparent relationships that are characterised by a shared purpose to create the best solutions for our customers.
Be Different
We are thought leaders who have a unique and collaborative approach on building the future of work.


How do I choose who to hire?
Great question. The most important things to look at are previous experience and reliability ratings.This information will allow you to asses how suitable a worker is for your current role, and if they seem like a good fit for your business.
I've hired someone, what's next?
Once you're hired someone it's always nice to drop them a quick message to introduce yourself and double check they have all the information required before the beginning of the shift. This could include things like travel requirements or uniform preferences!
Can I see peoples right to work?
Legally we are not permitted to display this information. However before anyone can complete a shift they must complete a 'right to work check', so there's no need to worry.
How can I see what experience people have?
Each worker has a complete profile including their skills and experience, as well as shift ratings. You can even check out their reliability, so you can feel totally confident when putting together the perfect team.
What's the Worker score?
Your reliability rating will change according to your behaviour on provide. When you start on provide, your reliability is 'Good'. As you work more shifts, it will improve, unless you cancel late or no show a shift (that's not great).
What happens if I miss a shift?
Not turning up to a shift is serious. If you apply for a shift and are hired, you are expected to turn up and work the shift. If a hirer reports you as absent from a shift, you will get a 'no show' added to your profile, and your reliability rating will go down significantly. We reserves the right to suspend workers who no show at any time.
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