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Connected communities centred around common values of fairness and flexibility, working together on a platform that enables great outcomes.

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Why choose us?

The secret to productivity and value creation is to build an environment that is fair and flexible for all involved.

Here's a few ways you win:

We are currently working with event businesses and contractors in these categories:

But we will be adding more categories and industries.
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Instant staff HR, scheduling, timekeeping and checkin / checkout management.

We were born out of the desire to create a unified and structured system that could combine HR and staffing needs, Administrative planning, and live management of staff in the field for Operations and Event Managers.

We have created a unique collaborative approach that allows the Event/Site Managers, Owners, Security teams and other Stakeholders to engage in planning and see what is happening at any worksite.

Workers are empowered through the apps.

Workers update their availability, when and where they want to work, and collaborate around shifts and job requirements with your admin through the apps.

You can easily assign and manage workers and shifts, and use native apps to send push notifications, create work geofences, automate timesheets and more.

Workers clearly understand their job requirements and they always know what they are doing and where they are meant to be.

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